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A score of 4.4 out of 5 based on 216 reviews on Trustpilot

Game Changer

Break through barriers and design your own future
– Become a Game Changer –

Go on a 3 hour journey through live changing tools for a no-brainer, action price of €100 €24,99

Switch from Stress to Success in 4 steps:

Energy Switch

Switch from a state of tiredness to experiencing an abundance of energy. (Energy Boost)

Brain Switch

Transform stress into resounding success, harness your inner strength to overcome obstacles. (Mindset for Change)

Time Switch

Shift your focus from barely managing your time to a transformation in the way you manage your attention. (The Power of Focus)

Money Switch

Escape from the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. Build a solid framework for your future. (Money Magnet System)

This is how we guarantee your success:

Personal support

Get a personal moderator to answer all your questions. Before, during and after the masterclass

Innovative Webinar

Join our 3-hour webinar featuring 4 of our top-selling masterclasses for an immersive learning experience.

Scientific Research

Based on our scientific research in collaboration with Erasmus University about the impact of personal energy, confirmed by Harvard University

How I became a game changer

For the past 28 years I provided trainings in Speed ​​Reading, Energy Boost, The Power of Focus, Mindset for Change, Time Management for Success and Money Magnet System to over 100,000 participants.

The very best tips from these six top trainings and the more than 1,000 books that I read as a master in speed reading are found in this masterclass.

– René Hogenes, CEO & Master in Game Changing

I hear what you’re saying.. How exactly do I become a game changer too?
This is how:

✔ Energy Switch

  • Learn how to create an ‘Energy Switch’ system to achieve the big goals in your life with an abundance of physical and mental energy, and to enjoy that journey.

Based on our €997 Masterclass ‘Energy Boost’

✔ Brain Switch

  • The quality of your emotions determines the quality of your life. Learn how ‘mindset for Change’ gives you super-tools to switch from negative to positive emotions at your command

  • Stress is only a signal for a different approach. Learn how to use stress as a game changer.

  • Learn how to switch from stress to success immediately, with my three-step-method.

Based On Our €1,997 Masterclass ‘Mindset for Change’

✔ Time Switch

  • Clarity equals power. Learn to formulate crystal clear and inspiring goals.

  • Learn how ‘the Power of Focus’ gives you super-tools to switch from managing your time to managing your attention, so that you reach your goals stress-free and with full focus.

Based On Our €997 Masterclass ‘The Power of Focus’

✔ Money Switch

  • Learn how to switch from financial Stress to financial Influence with my Money Magnet System.

  • Learn the 10 secret factors that determine your income.

  • Learn how to make a Money Magnet System to create your own Financial Future.

Based On Our €1,997 Masterclass ‘Money Magnet System’


Digital Speed Reading have been able to train more than 1,250 game changing organizations:


The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court

The Council of State

The European Commission

More than 100 Law Firms

Hundreds of Profit and Non-profit Organisations

AFAS Software

The Royal Dutch Air Force



Score 4.5

A score of 4.4 out of 5 based on 216 reviews on Trustpilot

Score 5

Evylin Wang, 28 August

Good energy

Rene explained everything very clearly and had great energy, too!

Score 5

Nicolai Idman Willadsen, 21 August

The webinar was very well done and…

The webinar was very well done and informative.

Score 4

bergqaz, 21 August

was part of a webinar of 1 hour

was part of a webinar of 1 hour Was good with many intressting part, some i was somewhat familjar with but got more info about them and other i have not hear, at least not related to speed reading but study teknik.

Score 5

Viktor Bäckvall, 14 August

Speedreading experience

Rene gave me valuable tips that you can use for reading. It was a great experience, I highly recommend.

Score 5

Ansa, 03 August

it was a great experience

it was a great experience

Score 5

Liam Sweeney, 31 July

Great experience

Great experience, Alot to take in and work on

Score 5

Matt Minev, 24 July

I just attended the live speed reading…

I just attended the live speed reading webinar. The host, René, gave so many valuable tips from his many years of experience! It was wholesome and honestly, the best webinar I have attended yet! Highly recommended!

Score 5

Ria Geboers, 13 December

To the point!

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