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A score of 4.4 out of 5 based on 209 reviews on Trustpilot


Masterclass Digital Speed Reading

A six-step method to improve your reading speed, memory and concentration

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Do you have to read a lot and carefully for your profession or study?

Do you experience that you are short on time, and that you read and remember too slowly?

Or that you no longer have time to read a book for your personal development?

Then I have a solution for you that I did 1,000 hours of research for, and gave 27 years of training to more than 70,000 participants.

In just 6 hours I teach you to read at lightning speed and to remember everything you read.

And you gain an average of 2 hours in return. Every day.

I think a good deal.

Invest 6 hours of time once and I will give you 2 hours a day in return.

6 hours René?

Yes, I’m into efficiency, so I’m only teaching you what works right away.

I demonstrate, I explain and I immediately remove all barriers and pitfalls.

And you immediately save time because you practice speed reading in your own reading material for your work or study.

Masterclass Digital
Speed Reading

12 Video lessons

12 Video lessons

Available 24/7, NL & English, Subtitled, Also as App. (Value 3,000) Value based on the 1,200 hours to make them.

Follow-up training

Follow-up training

Live Online, to be followed every quarter. (Value 1,000) Value based on 30,000 hours of training experience.

Extract essence

5 years of personal support

Daily live chat 09:00-19:00 and Access to the Mastermind group. (Value 1,000) Value based on 1,825 days of support.

Family Licence

Family License

Free family license for partner and/or children of the participant. The participant’s family will have the same rights. (Value 5,000) Value based on at least one extra license.

Total value 10,000 excluding VAT

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Only 1.997

5 years Personal Support


  • Direct answers to your questions in the live chat on our website (bottom right).
  • Every day from 09:00 to 19:00


  • Your source of information for five years
  • Ask for feedback on your mind maps


  • More than 1,700 active participants
  • Extra motivation & inspiration
  • Finding an ‘accountability partner’ or study buddy



Score 4.5

A score of 4.4 out of 5 based on 209 reviews on Trustpilot

Score 5

Evylin Wang, 28 August

Good energy

Rene explained everything very clearly and had great energy, too!

Score 5

Nicolai Idman Willadsen, 21 August

The webinar was very well done and…

The webinar was very well done and informative.

Score 4

bergqaz, 21 August

was part of a webinar of 1 hour

was part of a webinar of 1 hour Was good with many intressting part, some i was somewhat familjar with but got more info about them and other i have not hear, at least not related to speed reading but study teknik.

Score 5

Viktor Bäckvall, 14 August

Speedreading experience

Rene gave me valuable tips that you can use for reading. It was a great experience, I highly recommend.

Score 5

Ansa, 03 August

it was a great experience

it was a great experience

Score 5

Liam Sweeney, 31 July

Great experience

Great experience, Alot to take in and work on

Score 5

Matt Minev, 24 July

I just attended the live speed reading…

I just attended the live speed reading webinar. The host, René, gave so many valuable tips from his many years of experience! It was wholesome and honestly, the best webinar I have attended yet! Highly recommended!

Score 5

Ria Geboers, 13 December

To the point!

De informatie wordt gestructureerd, duidelijk en motiverend aangebracht.

All 6 steps


No more reading back: You don’t have to read back, so you immediately read 40% faster Full focus: You read in full focus, so you understand what you read faster. You read faster: You read faster because you are only busy with reading, and are no longer distracted by your own thoughts.


You have a top memory: I give you the secrets from 200 books & scientific articles on how to fully optimize your memory. You make brilliant mind maps: I teach you how to make super clear mind maps of a lot of complicated material. You master the technique of concept mapping: That is mind mapping 2.0 with which you link mind maps when it comes to a lot of complex information.


You break the sound barrier: You break the sound barrier of 160 words per minute, because you no longer read aloud in your head when you read silently. You use less energy: Reading without reading along in your head requires much less energy, so that you can continue to concentrate effortlessly for much longer.


You read in groups of words: I teach you to read in groups of words, so that you can read a number of words at a glance that belong together in terms of understanding, so that you understand more quickly what it says. You get more pleasure from reading: Because absorbing information is so much easier when you read in phrases. Your reading speed increases spectacularly: Because instead of reading an average of 2 words in a quarter of a second, you switch to reading an average of 5 words in a quarter of a second.


You read with speed reading software: So that from now on you can also use the technology to read faster from your computer, both on iOS and Windows and your Android Tablet or iPad. You make mind maps faster: You save 75% of your time through largely automated mind maps.


In this module I teach you how, with a goal, vision or mission in mind, you can extract the most important insights from an entire book for your personal development in a maximum of 45 minutes.

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